Upcoming Lectures

Upcoming Lectures are listed as follows:
  •  Introduction to classical and quantum gauge theories by Glenn Barnich in October 2020

  • 08/10/2020, 2 PM CEST=GMT+2: Lecture 1

    Formal variational calculus and locality

    Meeting ID: 842 2123 0980 Passcode: 551448

    Abstract: jet-bundles, total and Euler-Lagrange derivatives, local functionals, horizontal complex

  • 12/10/2020, 2PM CEST=GMT+2: Lecture 2

    Dynamics and the Koszul-Tate complex

    Meeting ID: 842 4461 7206 Passcode: 844726

    Abstract: stationary surface, Noether identities, Koszul-Tate complex, characteristic cohomology

  • 15/10/2020, 2PM CEST=GMT+2: Lecture 3

    Global symmetries

    Meeting ID: 899 8425 2492 Passcode: 193065

    Abstract: prolongation of transformations, symmetries of equations of motion, variational symmetries, gauge symmetries

  • 19/10/2020, 2PM CEST=GMT+2: Lecture 4

    Generalized symmetries

    Meeting ID: 862 3981 2792 Passcode: 561771

    Abstract: generalized Noether theorems, surface charges, first order gauge theories, applications to Yang-Mills theory and general relativity

  • 22/10/2020, 2PM CEST=GMT+2: Lecture 5

    Introduction to the BV formalism

    Meeting ID: 884 1719 7605 Passcode: 961581

    Abstract: BV antibracket, master equation, BRST differential, gauge fixation

  • 26/10/2020, 2PM CET=GMT+1: Lecture 6


    Meeting ID: 899 7693 0421 Passcode: 403678

    Abstract: Slavnov-Taylor identities, Zinn-Justin equation, elements of renormalization, anomalies and counterterms

  •  Asymptotically flat black holes with hair in D=4 by Prof. Carlos Herdeiro

    Zoom meeting ID: 816 7927 2143 Password: blackholes

    • Lecture 1: Black holes and “hair”: a physical review
      Tuesday, October 13th, 17H00 Beijing time
    • Lecture 2: Test fields: instabilities (superradiantandtachyonic), bound and quasi-bound states
      Friday, October 16th,17H00 Beijing time
    • Lecture 3:Backreacting fields: gravitating solitonsand hairy black holes
      Wednesday, October 21st,17H00 Beijing time
    • Lecture 4: Phenomenology: Lensing and shadows
      Friday, October 23rd,17H00 Beijing time
    • Lecture 5: Dynamics and gravitational waves.
      Tuesday, October 27th,17H00 Beijing time

    •  History and conserved quantities in classical general relativity by Prof. Shing-Tung YAU

      12/10/2020, 10AM

      Zoom meeting ID: 658 2481 0909 Password: 367152

      Bilibili live address: 中科院高能所

  •  Virasoro charges and entropy for axisymmetric killing horizons by Lin-Qing

    7/10/2020, 10AM Beijing Time

    Zoom meeting address: https://pitp.zoom.us/j/92793764505

    Abstract: We show that the gravitational phase space for the near-horizon region of a bifurcate, axisymmetric Killing horizon in $$D \leq 3$$ admits a 2d conformal symmetry algebra with central charges proportional to the area. This extends the construction of Haco et. al. to generic Killing horizons in solutions of Einstein equations. Through the analysis of null symplectic structure, we derived the conditions for the well-defined Virasoro generators on the covariant phase space. Various subtleties of the boundary terms are also discussed. The Cardy entropy agrees with the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, suggesting a microscopic interpretation.

  •  Black hole physics in new era by Prof. Vitor Cardoso

    10/10/2020, 4PM Beijing Time

    Zoom meeting ID: 884 5759 9232 Password: 899706

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